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vendita a carne ovina cuneo

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Ovine meat, that is, meat from mutton, sheep and lamb, is not among the most consumed in Italy. It is found on the tables especially during the Easter period. The sheep destined for slaughter are killed at various stages of growth and this, combined with the organoleptic peculiarities of the genus, allows the marketing of rather different products.

Sheep meats are characterized by a more intense flavor than those habitually consumed. Among them, the most consumed is certainly that of younger animals, with a more delicate flavor.

sambucano lamb


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vendita a carne ovina cuneo


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As the age of the animal increases, the meat tends to become less and less white, but tastier, even if some people do not appreciate its “robust” flavor and smell. Like goat meat, sheep meat, if slaughtered young, can be more tender and flavorful than beef. A main factor in the flavor are the diet and the slaughtering period: for example, the mutton slaughtered at the end of the summer has a higher fat content and a stronger flavor.

Lamb meat is comparable from a nutritional point of view to common white meats, while sheep meat does not differ too much from adult beef or veal. Being well tolerated by the human body, it is therefore recommended as an alternative even in cases of food allergies. Digestibility generally depends on the fat content, which is higher in younger meats, but is often easily removable.

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