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Barone Carni is attentive to the safety of its products. For years, it has been offering healthy meats from quality farms, following a clear and certified supply chain. Suppliers are breeders who believe in the excellence of the area, to enhance it through a tasty and above all healthy raw material. Nature in the wild.

Customers have learned to appreciate the competence and continuous research of Enzo who proposes a final product that “speaks” to the consumer: for example, those who eat the beef sold by Barone Carni will know what the chain is from the breeder to the name of the boss, from the bovine medical record to the type of feeding, this also for other types of meat.

For a good meat the path starts already from a healthy breeding and conducted with principles of ethics and respect. Barone Carni, a guarantee of quality.

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Quality means being able to taste meat from farms where animals are fed and raised in the right way. Attention to “Zero Kilometer” and clarity on the supply chain are fundamental in respect for the customer who wants to know what he eats. Certified Piedmontese farms, which give the customer what he is looking for, tasty, traceable and tested meat.

Seeing the satisfaction of our customers after the purchase is the proof that Barone Carni’s working method is the right one: being a good butcher, knowing how to enhance the excellence of the area, being the first consumer and advising the customer. These are the most important factors for us. For Enzo Barone, being a butcher is like having a “social responsibility”: meat is an important food and must be healthy, fresh and certified. Guaranteeing and certifying our quality means refinement and exclusivity, that’s why we developed the Barone Exclusive brand.

In fact, Barone Exclusive does not only deal with products from Italian breedings, but also offers customers the excellence of foreign farms, for non-common meat cuts like the Angus meat, of Anglo-Saxon origins.

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