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vendita carne bovina cuneo

Beef meats

from Piedmontese breedings

Numerous studies have shown that Piedmontese beef is particularly low in fat: 0.5-1% against 3% of the other cattle breeds. Thanks to the low cholesterol content, it is identified as leaner than many white meats and even many qualities of fish, gaining recognition as one of the best meats internationally for its dietetic and nutritional values.

piedmontese Fassona

A certified breed

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vendita carne bovina

A tender meat

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Piedmont beef is characterized by a scarce presence of connective tissue between the muscle fibers, which make them particularly tender when chewing.

The slaughtering yield of Piedmontese cattle is on average 68% for males and 65% for females. The yield is the ratio between the dead weight and the live weight of the bovine. About 300 kg of fresh meat are produced from a 600 kg bovine. Due to their marked meat conformation, the Fassona has slaughter yields higher than those of all the other breeds.

Beef veal meat

Scottona, manzo, bue,...


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