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Our territory, our roots

For our game meat we only and exclusively treat meat from the local woods.

vendita selvaggina cuneo

From our woods

The wild side of the taste

Game is much less fatty than average and it’s among the meats that contain the most protein. The reason is simple: the animals that are hunted do not live in captivity, but in the open air, which is why they can move freely and develop a healthier and more toned muscle than creatures that live in enclosed spaces and are controlled 24 hours a day

Game meat is not treated and is therefore appreciated by those who love natural flavors. The flavor is very strong and for this reason its preparation is different than organic meat.


Game meat

As it is.


Meats from the woods

Game meat, fur or feather, is one of the most prized and sought after for its rarity and limited hunting.

Since game is a meat with a strong and decisive flavor, it should not be seasoned excessively; bay leaves, cloves, rosemary and juniper berries combine particularly well with this type of meat. Meat lovers consider this variety a real delicacy.

vendita selvaggina cuneo


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We prepare family size packs and meat boxes of all kinds. Preparations are made only by request.

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