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White meat

how and why

At the end of the 1950s, less than 100,000 tons of poultry meat was produced in Italy; in one year, on average, each Italian ate only 24 kg. of meat of which just over 2 were poultry; the value of production was then (at present values) just over 800 billion lire; about 2,500 people worked in poultry farms.

Today, the production of poultry meat has exceeded one million 260 thousand tons; in 2014 each Italian ate, on average about 90 kg of meat of which 19.45 of poultry;

vendita carne avicola

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light, digestible and nourishing.

White meats are suitable for low-calorie diets due to their low fat content. These, located only in certain parts of the animal’s body such as the skin, can be easily removed, even if it is mainly unsaturated fats, the so-called “good” fats.

White meats are promoted with flying colors by nutritionists, who recommend them to everyone at all ages. They are particularly suitable for growing children, for those who play sports and for over-65s. For these categories of people, in fact, white meats and especially poultry are not only among the favorite, but they are also precious allies of physical well-being.

vendita polli cuneo


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