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Swine meat cuts

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vendita carne suina cuneo

Nothing is thrown away…

from the pig.

There is nothing more truthful than the famous proverb of the -always precious- peasant tradition: nothing is thrown away from the pig. The pig, in fact, allowed many families to have supplies throughout the winter and every part of the animal was exploited, including blood. For example, the term “salame” derives from “salumen”, which means “preserved in salt”. This conservation method has made the pig one of the most common slaughter animals.

In the Italian tradition, pork has always been considered a precious animal for survival. Regional cookbooks are teeming with recipes that use every part of it – from the spicy Calabrian ‘nduja through the Lazio and Venetian porchetta, the Lucanian ciambotta, sanguinaccio and capocollo.

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vendita carne suina asti

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Today’s pork is endowed with a high nutritional power, deriving not only from the greater percentage of proteins, but also from their high quality. The meat, in fact, has a smaller amount of connective tissue (which has less noble proteins), in favor of a greater presence of muscle tissue, rich in noble proteins. In addition, since the animals of modern farms do little movement, their meats are particularly tender.

The diet of the pig, which is now particularly cared for, rich in vitamins and minerals, also means that meats also have a high concentration of these elements, in particular iron, selenium and zinc.

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